DTLA: Downtown Los Angeles

The economic and cultural center of SoCal is now the destination for tech companies and talent.

DTLA has it all…and more.

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) has long been home to traditional industries but now it’s attracting a new generation of companies in a range of growth verticals who are flourishing Downtown — Gaming, Social Media, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT are just a few. The significant presence of established industries like finance, real estate, legal as well as fashion, design, architecture, transportation, entertainment, and music supports, attracts, and catalyzes related tech ventures.

These are some of the startups and orgs driving innovation in DTLA

DTLA has emerged as the premier destination for innovative companies and talent.

Proximity drives access. Access to world-class prototyping facilities, fashion design studios, nightlife, wet labs, arts & entertainment, and the talent to run it all. This unparalleled convergence of industries speeds learning and reduces time to market.

What drives DTLA?


Tap into 3 million workers within commuting distance and a local population of over 75,000 (expected to double in the next 10 years) of which 72% are between 18-44, 80% have at least four years of college, and 42% work in a creative field or are an independent entrepreneur. For these people, DTLA’s unparalleled cultural offerings, and its superior housing and mobility options, make it as appealing and practical as it is aspirational and idealistic.


The convergence of industries, talent, cultures, and opportunity, draw innovative companies who are transforming downtown. In 2018, 42% of the office space leased in Downtown was taken by non-traditional tenants that included Spotify and Warner Music (music), Hyperloop (transportation), Arup (architecture), TubeScience (media), Netmarble (mobile gaming), Honey (e-commerce), and UBTech (robotics).


With its high profile as one of the world’s fastest growing urban centers, creative ideas that launch here are widely seen, become buzzworthy, and prosper. It’s buzzing with creative energy and a spirit of experimentation and collaboration; tapped into the zeitgeist and poised at the nexus of some of today’s most fascinating opportunities and challenges.


Over 59% of Los Angeles City residents speak a language other than English at home and a third were born outside of the United States. Nearly three quarters of Angelenos are of minority background and approximately 50% of businesses are minority-owned. Downtown has a robust base of established professionals in fields like finance, law, engineering, media and marketing that provide senior management and leadership as industries cross-pollinate and spawn new opportunities.


DTLA is centrally located and highly accessible. As the geographic center of Los Angeles and the hub of its rapidly expanding transit system, Downtown’s reach extends further than any other commercial center. The Greater Downtown area includes popular neighborhoods in all directions, such as Silver Lake, Boyle Heights, Koreatown, and South LA.

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