Space Ventures Coalition

Connecting tech innovators to the people launching space missions.

What is the Space Ventures Coalition?

The SVC connects the communities of government, industry, and entrepreneurial space to explore early-stage technology opportunities. SVC identifies early-stage commercial and research technologies and helps create pathways for mission infusion and commercialization.

SVC interests include software, hardware, materials, information technology, new manufacturing techniques, and anything with potential application to space.

Participating Institutions


WHAT: We collaborate with universities and startups to expose them to commercial and government space programs and connect them with resources such as partners, mentors, customers and investors.  We are interested in software, hardware, materials and new manufacturing techniques with potential application to the space industry.

WHY: Universities and startups need help commercializing their IP while the government and industry need help connecting to non-traditional (innovative) communities. SVC is a mechanism to achieve both those goals. By combining our efforts across government and industry to identify and evaluate emerging technologies, we can better scale the effort and enable more funding with better insight that will result in improved success for the US space industry.

Aerospace Funding Opportunities. Small tech companies and startups: check out active areas of interest and funding from government programs and agencies

The Space Ventures Coalition helps SoCal small technology companies and emerging startups identify funding sources for a range of technologies and services. Please check out active areas of interest from NASA, the Air Force & Space Force, and other government programs.

Space Accelerators and Programs

Techstars Space Accelerator

The accelerator, which runs in partnership with the United States Space Force and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is focused on the next generation of space technology companies from adjacent industries.

AFWERX EngageSpace

For two days in September, we will come together virtually to dismantle the walls between sectors, revolutionize how the space ecosystem works, and close the ‘believability gap’ for what’s possible in space.

Hyperspace Challenge

Hyperspace Challenge forges valuable relationships between the government, industry, and university communities to accelerate innovation for the space domain.

The Catalyst Accelerator

A semi-residential, three-month program for small businesses that provides business development training, connections and mentorship with industry and DoD subject matter experts.

AFWERX Challenge

For industry and academic innovators to apply their latest technologies and solutions to government problems and accelerate the path from idea to deployed solution

Space Camp

We specialize in developing custom technology solutions for the US Space Force. Our team offers a full range of technology services to the Space Force Deltas, Combat Development Teams, Air Force and other DoD partners.


The innovation arm of the U.S. Space Force and a part of AFWERX, powered by the Air Force Research Laboratory

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