This Is SoCal

The SoCal Innovation Ecosystem brand campaign “This Is SoCal”

The SoCal Innovation Ecosystem is rapidly rising. Our communities are taking huge strides in making the world a better place and helping people in a multitude of ways. It’s time to bring those communities together as one, and let the world know that our region is a powerhouse of innovation that’s quickly becoming one of the most important on the planet. 

To take our innovation ecosystem to the world, we launched a communications campaign in collaboration with a consortium of local SoCal organizations that clearly articulates what makes SoCal innovation so unique. We call it This Is SoCal.

The Campaign

This Is SoCal—this is our rallying cry that unites our richly diverse community. It enables people and communities around the world to understand why SoCal is uniquely positioned as a major innovation ecosystem by amplifying regional specializations. Our messages complement community communication strategies and tactics, increase media coverage for the ecosystem and ultimately attract more investment, talent, startups and corporations to the region.

Get Involved

In order to showcase our innovation ecosystem to the world, we are looking for your participation in activating the This Is SoCal communications campaign by helping to clearly articulate what makes SoCal innovation so unique and how you’re playing an important part in its ascendance.

To root and spread campaign messaging, we are asking for your assistance to communicate the campaign through your most effective marketing channels and platforms in your communications arsenals, such as websites, blogs and social media. Join the movement, get involved!

Download the “This Is SoCal” Brand Book