DTLA is where diverse industries, cultures, and icons collide to create the future of innovation.

The economic and cultural center of SoCal is now the destination for tech companies and talent.

Downtown Los Angeles has long been home to traditional industries but now it’s attracting a new generation of companies in a range of growth verticals who are flourishing Downtown — Gaming, Social Media, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT are just a few. The significant presence of established industries like finance, real estate, legal as well as fashion, design, architecture, transportation, entertainment, and music supports, attracts, and catalyzes related tech ventures.

Companies Leading the way…

These are some of the tech companies and startup community support organizations who are vital members of the DTLA family. And we behave like a close-knit family (but without the drama) — each of us unique and special in our own way, united by values and a common love for DTLA’s pace, access, and vibe.


Connect & Learn

These are not normal times, so please join us virtually (for now) to connect with the DTLA community. It’s kind of perfect if you’re thinking about DTLA as a potential destination for investment, relocation, or building a network because now you don’t have to pay for parking!

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