Leadership Engagement Discussions

The Alliance provides leaders with opportunities to connect with their peers across the SoCal region’s innovation ecosystem regardless of industry or focus. We created an event series for our corporate members to meet in a relaxed setting so they can speak freely, connect, and learn from each other.

Relationships drive collaboration

Corporate leaders benefit from high quality networking with their peers within and outside of their particular industries, but they rarely have opportunities to do so outside of seminars and trade-specific events. Therefore, we host intimate, informal gatherings to foster relationships that drive community, open dialogue, and cross collaboration. And yes, they’re lots of fun too…

Upcoming Leadership Discussions

Our events are highly curated and invite only to ensure high quality connectivity for our members. If you’d like to be included in future events, please submit a “Get Connected” form to join our community.

Supporting Partners

The Alliance is grateful for the generous underwriting support and leadership of our members.