Alliance Programs

Our programs directly support leaders and stakeholders to nurture and support the SoCal innovation ecosystem.

By having a high-level architectural view of the entire region, the Alliance acts as a strategic convener and matchmaker — putting players together who have complementary capabilities and share common objectives.

It is only by having a holistic and broad view of the region and its strengths that we can facilitate the alignment of assets and players across the ecosystem.

Our Programs

How it all works

Alliance for SoCal Innovation programs nurture and support the entire innovation ecosystem by partnering with the key stakeholder groups who are most vital to the startup Founder, the driver of growth and job creation. The startup Founder relies on their local ecosystem to provide vital resources like funding, customers, skilled labor, mentorship and expert guidance, and infrastructure.

By working directly with the key stakeholder groups – Investors, Research/Academic Institutions, Corporations, Communities & Governments – to connecting them to the other parts of the ecosystem, we have the ability to make an outsized impact that helps fill gaps and reduce systemic frictions that result from the size and scale of the region’s vast innovation assets. We call this vast inventory and nascent connective tissue, the SoCal Usability Problem.