Ventura County is making the future right now.

The creative energy of startups combined with the resources of  market leaders within a diverse range of industries…this is Ventura County.

The amount of innovation coming from Ventura County may seem surprising…unless you live here, because to us it feels normal. Sure we have huge names like Amgen, Patagonia, Trade Desk, and Aerovironment along with a bunch of game changing powerhouses you may not know, yet. We do not like to boast, maybe because we cherish the desirable balance of high growth companies and deep talent pool of researchers, makers, designers, and doers. But now that you’re here and you found us, welcome to our community.


These are some of the tech and life science companies as well as entrepreneurship support organizations who are vital members of the Ventura County innovation community. You’ll notice a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to biotech, B2B software to agribusiness; it’s all here and this is just the tip of the iceberg (although we’ve never seen icebergs since the weather here is postcard perfect).


Connect & Learn

These are not normal times, so please join us virtually (for now) to connect with the greater Ventura County community. It’s kind of perfect if you’re thinking about Ventura County as a potential destination for investment, relocation, or building a network because now you don’t have to leave your home!

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