Ventura County Innovation

When you want it all and realize it’s all here – this is Ventura County.

Deeply driven, talented innovators living in a coastal paradise — it redefines the notion of balance. It’s all here and lots of it, so you can call it what you want. We call it home.

What drives Ventura County?


Ventura County is just close enough to the big city of Los Angeles and all its world-class resources while far enough away to enable an unmatched quality of life near open spaces, spectacular coastline and a welcoming safe community. Boasting one of the finest education systems in the region, in a diverse community that values outdoor living and picturesque views. It’s all here in a rare balance that is quintessential SoCal living.


Recognized leaders in corporate social responsibility like Patagonia and Limoneira reflect the values of Ventura County by boldly striking a sustainable balance between financial success and being good stewards of the planet. The Pt. Mugu naval base protects the region and develops essential defense technologies while also being a nationwide leader in preserving fragile wetland ecosystems. We’re probably best known for our active biotech sector anchored by Amgen who attracts life science startups and talent from all corners of the planet to work on important developments in life-saving treatments.


The innovation community here thrives on building real solutions to difficult problems so it’s no surprise to find a concentration of deep technology and manufacturing expertise working on big ideas. Much of the credit goes to the proximity of leading research institutions and government facilities collaborating with local entrepreneurs. A perfect example is unmanned aircraft systems manufacturer Aerovironment working with NASA/JPL to design the Mars rover helicopter. You might not have thought to look here for highly skilled talent and tech leadership growing massively successful enterprises but they’ve been here all along, so now you know.